Craig Beals

Teacher, Adventurer, Scientist.

BealsScience.com was created as a place to share science experiments and lessons to help inspire the next generation of dreamers, thinkers and doers!

About Craig:

I'm Craig Beals,  passionate teacher, and curious explorer of all things.

Recently I hosted a special for the History Channel explaining the science of the Yellowstone Supervolcano which is right out my back door (Trailer, Teaser 1, Teaser 2).

Professionally, teaching is my world. In 2015 I was named Montana Teacher of the Year, in 2016 I was awarded the Award for Teaching Excellence by the National Education Association.


With degrees in Biology, Broadfield Science and a Masters in Zoology, science has always been my other passion. I've been fortunate to travel the world doing research including:


  • Summit of Greenland's Ice Sheet: Atmospheric Chemistry

  • Mongolia: Steppe Ecology

  • Namibia: Cheetah Conservation

  • Borneo: Tropical Ecology and Orangutan Habitat

  • Belize: Shallow Seas

  • Montana/Wyoming: Alpine Ecology

...to name a few.


I teach, travel, speak, make videos and explore - It is a good life!


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Craig Beals  |  Craig@BealsScience.com 

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Bowling Ball Cannon in a Jeep

The Beals Science Jeep Cannon shoots bowling balls more than two miles

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