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In my chemistry class we finish the school year with a unit called "The Chemistry of Coffee" where we explore the chemical reactions involved in roasting coffee and discover how roasting green coffee beans into different types of roasts produces different compounds and...

This is one of my favorite science toys! I keep a mini ping pong ball cannon in my class at all times because it is a fun way to get the students attention. And, at every STEM Magic Show I start with the ping pong ball cannon to kick things off with a bang! The cannon...

Below is the entire lesson plan for the lab experiment that I use with my students to perform the "Gold Penny Lab". We have a friendly classroom competition with this lab to see who can make the most convincing gold penny and the winners, as determined by student votes...

 As a college student studying science, I clearly remember the day my physics professor walked out in front of the class to perform the classic "Table Cloth Trick" demonstration. He had a small dining table set with a nice tablecloth, fine china dishes and wine glasses...

What would happen if you poured liquid nitrogen in a hot tub? Well, I asked myself that same question and decided I should try it to find out. The results were just as I expected - there was a whole lot of cloud formations developing all around the house and I ended up...

Recently Forbes Magazine reported that global production of plastic bottles had reached 1 million bottles per minute! That is a staggering figure. They went on to report that 91% of those bottles are never recycled. Imagine the ecological impact of all that plastic end...

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