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 As a college student studying science, I clearly remember the day my physics professor walked out in front of the class to perform the classic "Table Cloth Trick" demonstration. He had a small dining table set with a nice tablecloth, fine china dishes and wine glasses...

Whenever I get out the liquid nitrogen to do experiments and science magic shows I always have to end by eating something that has been soaked in the liquid nitrogen! When the liquid nitrogen vaporizes in my mouth and "smoke" pours out of my face, people start to pay a...

Gallium is an amazing element. It is a metal but it is liquid below 85.58 deg F (29.76 deg C) which means it has some very unique properties. Gallium (buy it here) has some other credits to it's name besides just being an amazing liquid metal. In 1871, a Russian scient...

Gallium is one of the craziest metals on the periodic table. It is shiny and very hard, just like you might expect a metal to be but unlike the other metals, it actually melts at 85.58 degrees F (29.76 degrees C). This means that it will actually melt in your hand! Bec...

Sulfur Hexafluoride gas is one of the craziest gases we have ever gotten our hands on! This gas is five times more dense than the air we breathe which causes it to behave differently than other gases. For example, if you breathe in SF6 it will make your voice get very...

A classic chemistry class demonstration is to hold bubbles filled with methane gas or propane gas and light the bubbles on fire. Flames shoot from the teacher's hands and, magically, the teacher is not burned by the flaming inferno in his hand. But don't try this at ho...

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