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This is one of my favorite science toys! I keep a mini ping pong ball cannon in my class at all times because it is a fun way to get the students attention. And, at every STEM Magic Show I start with the ping pong ball cannon to kick things off with a bang! The cannon...

A classic chemistry class demonstration is to hold bubbles filled with methane gas or propane gas and light the bubbles on fire. Flames shoot from the teacher's hands and, magically, the teacher is not burned by the flaming inferno in his hand. But don't try this at ho...

Instructions for the Exploding Eggs Demonstration and Experiment:

How to remove the inside of an egg


  • Eggs

  • Needle or Pin

  • Paper clip

Start by making a small hole at one end of the egg with a needle or pin. Then make another hole on the opposite end....

Gun cotton, also know as nitrocellulose, is a very interesting compound that can be made in the chemistry lab quite easily and is a good way to learn about the practical applications of simple chemical reactions.

What is gun cotton or nitrocellulose?

First, let's look at...

Fire tornados occur in nature during intense fires but can be replicated on a small scale on the tabletop. It makes for a good learning tool and a visually mesmerizing vortex of flame that will take your breath away.

What is a fire tornado?

A fire tornado is a spinning v...

Click the image above to watch the video or follow this link:

There is no better way to teach about calories than to light food on fire; calories, after all, are just a measure of heat energy, so burning...

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