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One of my favorite toys to take to presentations and to get kids attention in the classroom is the toilet paper cannon. And, while it isn't really a cannon, it does shoot a stream of toilet paper across a room and cover people with a white blanket of fun. You can't ima...

Whenever I get out the liquid nitrogen to do experiments and science magic shows I always have to end by eating something that has been soaked in the liquid nitrogen! When the liquid nitrogen vaporizes in my mouth and "smoke" pours out of my face, people start to pay a...

A classic chemistry class demonstration is to hold bubbles filled with methane gas or propane gas and light the bubbles on fire. Flames shoot from the teacher's hands and, magically, the teacher is not burned by the flaming inferno in his hand. But don't try this at ho...

Fire tornados occur in nature during intense fires but can be replicated on a small scale on the tabletop. It makes for a good learning tool and a visually mesmerizing vortex of flame that will take your breath away.

What is a fire tornado?

A fire tornado is a spinning v...

Did your mom ever pour hydrogen peroxide on a cut when you were younger? It bubbled up and made you cry because it felt like burning and stinging but mom promised it was going to make your cut "all better". Turns out mom was lying about it helping your cut, most eviden...

Every chemistry teacher should have a large stash of Calcium Carbide in the store room because it is the perfect chemical to make demonstrations that get people's attention! Needless to say, I buy it in bulk (find it here). Calcium carbide is a valuable tool to sh...

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