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Gun cotton, also know as nitrocellulose, is a very interesting compound that can be made in the chemistry lab quite easily and is a good way to learn about the practical applications of simple chemical reactions.

What is gun cotton or nitrocellulose?

First, let's look at...

Who would have guessed you could make glass by running high voltage electricity through sand?! I was working on some experiments with a former student and he suggested that we should try to run electricity through sand to see if it would melt the sand into glass. And,...

People are mesmerized by dry ice. It is freezing cold, it gives off a chilling smoke that sinks to the ground and when you drop it in water, bubbles and smoke start pouring out of the liquid! This is probably why dry ice is so popular at Halloween time - it is mysterio...

Fire tornados occur in nature during intense fires but can be replicated on a small scale on the tabletop. It makes for a good learning tool and a visually mesmerizing vortex of flame that will take your breath away.

What is a fire tornado?

A fire tornado is a spinning v...


This summer has been hot. In fact, it has been so hot that my kids swimming pool started on fire! Well, to be honest, the fire wasn't by accident, I started it as an experiment to see if I could make a giant fire tornado using the kiddie pool, the fire pit, and some g...

Did your mom ever pour hydrogen peroxide on a cut when you were younger? It bubbled up and made you cry because it felt like burning and stinging but mom promised it was going to make your cut "all better". Turns out mom was lying about it helping your cut, most eviden...

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