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What would happen if you poured liquid nitrogen in a hot tub? Well, I asked myself that same question and decided I should try it to find out. The results were just as I expected - there was a whole lot of cloud formations developing all around the house and I ended up...

Whenever I get out the liquid nitrogen to do experiments and science magic shows I always have to end by eating something that has been soaked in the liquid nitrogen! When the liquid nitrogen vaporizes in my mouth and "smoke" pours out of my face, people start to pay a...

While preparing to give a presentation in Las Vegas, I was playing with liquid nitrogen to develop some new experiments that might work on stage. First I made a liquid nitrogen geyser (watch it here) and realized that the pressure change as liquid nitrogen turns to a g...

 I was snowmobiling through Yellowstone National Park and made a stop at the world famous Old Faithful Geyser. The family and I stood in two feet of snow in the frigid winter air watching as hot water and steam gushed from Old Faithful like a jet engine gone mad! Immed...

Liquid nitrogen is one of my favorite compounds in the science lab because it is so cold (-321 deg F) and readily available. Nitrogen is all around us, in fact the air we breathe is about about 78% Nitrogen! But, at standard temperature and pressure (STP) nitrogen is a...

Let me start here: this was not one of the best ideas I've ever had! I was preparing for "The Science Spot" a short science bit I do for the local CBS station and was deciding what liquid nitrogen demonstrations I should perform on tv. I stopped at the grocery store an...

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