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What would happen if you poured liquid nitrogen in a hot tub? Well, I asked myself that same question and decided I should try it to find out. The results were just as I expected - there was a whole lot of cloud formations developing all around the house and I ended up...

Whenever I get out the liquid nitrogen to do experiments and science magic shows I always have to end by eating something that has been soaked in the liquid nitrogen! When the liquid nitrogen vaporizes in my mouth and "smoke" pours out of my face, people start to pay a...

Gallium is one of the craziest metals on the periodic table. It is shiny and very hard, just like you might expect a metal to be but unlike the other metals, it actually melts at 85.58 degrees F (29.76 degrees C). This means that it will actually melt in your hand! Bec...

I first saw a CO2 gun on YouTube where somebody was using it at a night club to spray down the crowd with a chilling fog. I knew instantly I had to try to buil

While preparing to give a presentation in Las Vegas, I was playing with liquid nitrogen to develop some new experiments that might work on stage. First I made a liquid nitrogen geyser (watch it here) and realized that the pressure change as liquid nitrogen turns to a g...

Styrofoam is all around us. It has become one of the most common insulators and packaging materials in the world. Styrofoam coffee cups keep our drinks warm, packing peanuts keep our valuables safe in shipping, and it even keeps our drinks nice and cool inside our cool...

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