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Gun cotton, also know as nitrocellulose, is a very interesting compound that can be made in the chemistry lab quite easily and is a good way to learn about the practical applications of simple chemical reactions.

What is gun cotton or nitrocellulose?

First, let's look at...

In Biology, one of the fundamental concepts is understanding photosynthesis and how plants use the biochemical processes to generate energy for cell production and survival. Follow along as Craig Beals walks you through the steps of photosynthesis.

Click the link to wat...

Click the video above or the link to watch "ATP and ADP: Chemical Energy for Cells" on YouTube:

ATP is one of the most important compounds inside a cell because it is the energy transport molecule. ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) is considered a...

The Calvin Cycle is the last cycle of photosynthesis where the energy made in the chloroplasts (ATP and NADPH) is used to build and break apart and rebuild complex carbon molecules. The breaking apart and rebuilding, in a new configuration, results in the production of...

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