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Whenever I get out the liquid nitrogen to do experiments and science magic shows I always have to end by eating something that has been soaked in the liquid nitrogen! When the liquid nitrogen vaporizes in my mouth and "smoke" pours out of my face, people start to pay a...

Gun cotton, also know as nitrocellulose, is a very interesting compound that can be made in the chemistry lab quite easily and is a good way to learn about the practical applications of simple chemical reactions.

What is gun cotton or nitrocellulose?

First, let's look at...

Who would have guessed you could make glass by running high voltage electricity through sand?! I was working on some experiments with a former student and he suggested that we should try to run electricity through sand to see if it would melt the sand into glass. And,...

People are mesmerized by dry ice. It is freezing cold, it gives off a chilling smoke that sinks to the ground and when you drop it in water, bubbles and smoke start pouring out of the liquid! This is probably why dry ice is so popular at Halloween time - it is mysterio...

The first thing people mentioned when they heard I was going to spend some time in Peru was, "Aren't you worried about altitude sickness?" So I became interested in testing what happens to the body during the drastic changes in altitude associated with travel in Peru.


A few years ago I decided we needed a planetarium at my school. I quickly realized that a planetarium was way outside the budget. So, I decided we would have to build one.  Another teacher and I collaborated to challenge our high school science and geometry students to...

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