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Photosynthesis: ATP and ADP Cycle

Click the video above or the link to watch "ATP and ADP: Chemical Energy for Cells" on YouTube:

ATP is one of the most important compounds inside a cell because it is the energy transport molecule. ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) is considered a transporter of energy because when one of the phosphate groups is broken off, turning it into Adenosine DiPhosphate (the Tri means 3 phosphate groups, the Di means 2 phosphate groups). When a phosphate breaks off, through chemical reactions in a cell, energy is released which the plant uses for cellular processes.

The lower energy Adenosine DiPhosphate (ADP) is then re-energized during photosynthesis as the phosphate group is re-attached, thus completing the cycle of ATP to ADP to ATP...

Below is an image of a worksheet I use in my Biology classes to help students learn the ATP Cycle to mastery. Right click the image below to download the worksheet. Fill it out as you watch the YouTube video "ATP and ADP: Chemical Energy for Cells" and explain what is happening in each step.

To download a free pdf of the ATP and ADP Cycle Worksheet, click the link.

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Good luck and keep on learning!

~Craig Beals


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