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How to Make a Handheld Ping Pong Ball Cannon - Secret Earth: Supervolcano Promo

When I visited Montana This Morning on the local CBS Affiliate (KTVQ2) I didn't want to just talk about the Yellowstone Supervolcano, I wanted to help simulate it. So, I brought along my ping pong ball cannons. Watch the video to learn about the History special, produced by Grizzly Creek Films, that I hosted and how to make a handheld ping pong ball cannon!

How to make a handheld ping pong ball cannon

Supplies (listed below from Amazon):

  • Battery fluid refill bulb (remove nozzle)

  • Camping lantern spark igniter

  • Methanol

  • Ping Pong ball

*Safety precautions should be taken seriously. Methanol is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE and can be extrememly dangerous. The ping pong ball could cause injury if pointed toward a person. Do not try this without responsible adult supervision*

Instructions for making a handheld ping pong ball cannon

  1. Poke a hold in theside of the battery refill bulb with a knife.

  2. Remove the nut from the spark igniter.

  3. Insert the lantern spark igniter into the hold in the bulb, leaving the igniter handle exposed.

  4. Re-attach the nuts and tighten

  5. Drop 10 drops of ethanol in the bulb

  6. Secure ping pong ball on top

  7. Wait a few seconds to allow methanol to evaporate

  8. Quickly turn spark igniter handle


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