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Yellowstone National Park Thermal Energy in Infrared

Much of the Secret Earth: Yellowstone Supervolcano episode on History Channel revolved around the energy under Yellowstone National Park that causes the amazing geologic features that we associate with Yellowstone. Some of this energy is visible at the surface at places like Norris Geyser Basin, Old Faithful, and any number of hot pots, mud pots and geysers.

We teamed up with FLIR, manufacturer of the best infrared cameras in the world, to look at Yellowstone National Park in a way like nobody had ever seen - in infrared. The energy bubbling up from magma deep below Yellowstone becomes far more evident in infrared - hillsides glow with heat and geysers spew glowing water.

Experience Yellowstone National Park like nobody has seen it before! Click the clip to watch the thermal energy of Yellowstone come alive!


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