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Asphalt Skiing - Friction in Infrared

I've been accused of making bad decisions my whole life and this one may be at the top of the bad decision scale. For this experiment I'm standing in the middle of a parking lot on a 90 degree day with my snow ski equipment on. Why? Because I'm going to go skiing in this parking lot.

I'm going to ski behind a pickup across the asphalt. What should happen is that the skis are going to heat up because of friction and the hotter they get the more light they are going to give off. But, its not the kind of visible light that we see with our eyes that I'm talking about. I'm referring to infrared light. I'm talking about heat.

We can't see heat with our own eyes which is why I've teamed up with this crew from FLIR because they've got special cameras that can see infrared light. I have no idea what this is going to look like but if it works out and I survive we might be able to see friction in a way we've never ever seen it before.

Watch the video to see if me and the skis survive the first ever Parking Lot Asphalt Skiing Championships!

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