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How to Build a CO2 Cryo Gun

I first saw a CO2 gun on YouTube where somebody was using it at a night club to spray down the crowd with a chilling fog. I knew instantly I had to try to build one to use at the Science Magic Shows we put on at elementary schools. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to figure out how to build the cryo gun - I searched for weeks and never could find plans online. So, I decided to figure it out on my own and committed to sharing the process for any other people who might be trying to find plans to make one as well. So, get out there and build yourself a cryo gun! Or, you can buy one (here) and save your self the headache...but what fun would that be!

How to build a cryo gun

Supplies: (links to Amazon)

The Barrel:

The CO2 Cryo Gun Assembly:

CO2 Backpack:

There are several options for your Cryo Gun backpack. I've included information for making your own CO2 backpack and links to purchase backpacks specifically designed to carry CO2 tanks.

Pack Frames (three options as shown on

Tie Downs to Secure the Tank to the Backpack

How to assemble the CO2 Cryo Gun

All instructions for assembling the homemade cryo gun are included in the video above.

CO2 Cryo Cannon featured on The Science Spot on Montana This Morning - CBS


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